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May 21, 2008

On Google's Mobile Platform "Android," Maximum 400 Users Can simultaneously access, eclipsing Second Life!

On Google's Mobile Platform "Android," Maximum 400 Users Can simultaneously access, eclipsing Second Life! TOKYO, May. 20 eitarosoft, inc. today announced that they have successfully developed a 3D virtual world service on Google's platform "Android". The conventional 3D virtual world service required the use of a very high-specific PC, but Android-mounted mobile devices will enable users to enjoy the 3D virtual world service with commonly available PCs because of the mobility and accessibility. The 3D virtual world realized on Android permits the functions as follows: *Actual video scenes on Android can be seen by accessing the URL below. http://www.eitarosoft.co.jp/

Simultaneous accessibility exceeds that of Second Life

The PC-based service "Second Life" can only accept a limited number of simultaneous users, but the Android version of 3D virtual world content allows a maximun 400 people to simultaneously access a virtual town within the service.

Abundant chat features by using avatars

As a communication tool between users, there are unique chat features such as "Area Chat" which enables users to chat with people around themselves, and "Dual Chat" that permits a one-on-one chat by using their own avatars. And the "Dual Chat" feature, using 3D avatars, makes it possible to control actions and expressions, permitting more emotional appeals than text-only messages.

News and information release by web pages

The new 3D virtual world service is arranged to have space in the content for viewing web pages so that sponsor companies of this service can provide their promotional information. Therefore, companies need not prepare 3D graphics images for the purpose, thus enabling them to save cost on advertisements. In addition, sponsors can release new promotional information at the right time they like to.

News release by video

Apart from web pages, the Android 3D virtual world service has a movie function to advertise what they want to, such as product presentation, film promotion by trailers and so on. *In fact, a trailer for the "Vantage Point" movie distributed by Sony Pictures Entertainment was distributed through this 3D virtual world service in February 2008 ahead of its premier.

In future, we are planning to provide Lamity from T-Mobile who will have the android-mounted devices by end of year 2008.

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